For me this is the most exciting time of year in horse racing- The Triple Crown Races- kicked off by the Kentucky Derby!
There are other great racing events, but I am decidedly partial to these.
As we get closer I will post my thoughts on the race for those who choose to take the time to read them, probably on the 1st.

For now- here is another spot play to consider:
Males only- Optional Claimers- look for those with a morning line less than 6-1 who are in the money at both track and distance and who had a stakes race run in one of their last three outings.

It is common to have multiple qualifiers, especially in the higher pursed races.
one way to separate is to look at the finish of the stakes race and using the horse that did best, or look to the last race and use the the horse that finished strongly.

Sometimes when there are many qualifiers it sets the race up for an outsider, a long shot, so be vigilant for the opportunity to strike a good one.

Best of luck!

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