I cannot believe that it has been so long since the last post!  So much has been going on both personally and professionally that I must have lost track.  For that I apologize, if there is anyone out there who actually cares. 

But for those of you who occasionally land here I would like to ask you a question: How often do you handicap, yourself?

I don't mean that you do the number crunching on your own, I mean that you look to your records and your processes.  

I recently fell upon a site, derbywars.com, and instantly became hooked.
I also found myself in a unique circumstance where I was expected to handicap races that I normally would pass on.

Much to my chagrin I realized that some of those races were actually strong holds for my win percentage.  So I started to handicap myself. 

Rather than looking at specific races that I thought would hold the best opportunities, I looked to the races that I faired best in.  Those races that I seemed to be able to come up with the best competitors most often.

This process led to much better decisions regarding money management, which has lead to a better profit margin.

It's true that you should revise the methodology you use every so often in order to stay ahead of the curve, but you need to be aware of where your strengths truly lie, it may even surprise you.

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