Late start, but in the 4th race at Longchamp Tasaday flirted with qualifying but never actually did with 2 mtp.  An interesting phenom in the exotics though.  The 5/6 quinella is being bet strongly, however the exacta is not (thus far).  Presents a good value wager if you care for those two entries.

Go figure, the 8- Silasol qualified after the close of wagering, however didn't last.  A nice price to be had as the 1- Dalkala appears to have nosed out the fav.

Again, the exacta made a better value wager, returning almost three times that of the quinella.

Early on in the Arc the 6- Orfevre and the 14- Kizuna both qualify as plays.  We'll see what else transpires as there is plenty of time to go.

With 5 mtp it appears that they will be the only qualifiers of the bunch, if the prices hold may be worth a 2-1 dutch.

The 6 ran behind Treve who ran a beautiful race and won convincingly. 

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